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Thoughts on Living your Dream Life

When you finally decide to start living the live you've always wanted, a lot of people will have thoughts about it. Some will laugh and say your dreams are far-fetched. Some will try to pigeon hole you into the ideology that they grew up on. Some, unfortunately, may...

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How to Create Content your Audience Wants to Read

If there is one thing that sets one website above the next, it's great content. You have a story, you know what you want to say, but you may not know how to go about creating your "voice". If your content isn't spot on, your audience won't trust you. If you speak your...

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10 Things I Learned While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad teaches you a lot of things, not only about yourself, but about the world and the people that live in it. It is overwhelming and amazing and breathtaking and every other feeling in the book. When you get thrown into a new culture, your eyes are forced...

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Spending Money: Experiences vs. Things

Right now as I sit here planning trips on my laptop that has green lines flickering across the screen, I am experiencing a personal conflict of whether or not to save my money and purchase a new laptop, or say screw it and blow it on a trip. My laptop has been going...

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