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Chasing Sacred

eCommerce Package

The Details

eCommerce Package (Blog + eCommerce)

Client wanted to transform her blog-focused website and streamline her shop capabilities.

Timeframe: 6 weeks 

The homepage

Some Details

Believe me when I say that this website was no easy task! It wasn’t built with the theme that I know and love (Divi), but a different one entirely! That meant coding… and a LOT of it!

I don’t usually recommend coding a website, because it’s more difficult to manage once the project is complete, but if a client has a specific look in mind, I am happy to do it!

It showed me just how limited WordPress can be if you don’t know how to code. So, if you have a WordPress site and are struggling big time… YOU’RE NOT ALONE! This project gave me a perfect excuse to enhance my coding capabilities while still making it easy to update and functional for my client.

If you are looking for website help on WordPress or Showit, reach out for a free estimate! I have the tools and resources in my back pocket to turn your website from headache to heart eyes.

The blog

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