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When you finally decide to start living the live you’ve always wanted, a lot of people will have thoughts about it. Some will laugh and say your dreams are far-fetched. Some will try to pigeon hole you into the ideology that they grew up on. Some, unfortunately, may even disregard your dreams entirely and choose not to support you. Don’t listen to these people. The only person’s opinion you need to focus on is YOURS.

Since you have stumbled on this blog post on my website, chances are you are a business owner or an aspiring business owner, and chances are you know what I am talking about. To those of you who, like me, have chosen to push past those nay-sayers and really truly GO FOR IT… I am so proud of you. To those of you who are going through the process of fighting for this dream, keep going. You may lose friends, and family members may turn their backs on your or turn their nose up at you. If this is something you really want, don’t give these people a second thought.

Life is TOO SHORT to not go after what you want. Life is TOO SHORT to give up on your dreams because of someone else. Life is TOO SHORT to live a life that is anything but extraordinary. If you ever come across someone who is just starting out, lend a helping hand. We are all on this journey together.

To all of my business owners, entrepreneurs, health coaches, girl bosses, and everyone in between… we got this.

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