Hi, I'm Kellie, the website and brand designer behind Kellie Lynn Media! At the age of 22, I left my 9-6 job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, taking my business from ‘idea’ to ‘full-time job’ in less than 5 months. Now, I help other business owners do the same!

I am mostly known for my love of pretty color palettes, dogs, and almond milk lattes. If you follow me on Instagram, you can expect stories of me in sweatpants chatting about the REAL life of an entrepreneur, the good, the bad, and the ugly. #RealTalk

Hey there,  I'm Kellie!

about the designer

About me

I create websites and brands for passionate female entrepreneurs who are ready to find their authentic voice and up-level their online business.

I love serving my customers by keeping it real, sharing the hardships and the struggles that go into entrepreneurship, and screaming to the mountains about the amazing things that keep me loving the entrepreneur life. Why? Because I want to motivate and encourage YOU to live your truth too.

When I'm not designing, you can find me hiking around the PNW, hanging out at a wine bar with friends, or on the road chasing life's next great adventure.

a few of my favs

Taco Tuesday

(Every day can be Taco Tuesday if you believe hard enough)

White wine

(I'm never one to turn down a Pinot Grigio)


(Don't follow me on Instagram if you don't want daily dog stories)


(Yes, I may be addicted. Yes, I follow them on Instagram)

Country Music

(Workout playlist? Country. Work playlist? Country)

Coke zero

(Yes I know it's "worse than regular Coke". No, I can't stop drinking it)

What I can't live without

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