I'm Kellie—the website and brand designer behind Kellie Lynn Media!

KLM was born from my desire to work alongside the most BOLD and the AUDACIOUS business owners who know what they want and are ready to achieve it. Kellie Lynn Media aligns best with those who are done with the 'wanting and wishing' mindset. We seek to work with the badass entrepreneurs who are ready to put in the work and finally do the damn thing.

I believe in living big and never settling; that outside of comfort zones is where we truly find ourselves.

When I'm not out exploring the world or working on my latest design, you can find me jumping out of airplanes, driving on a dirt road, or brushing up on my tattoo skills.

Oh hey, fancy seeing you here.

about the designer

Welcome to the corner of the internet where taking chances and pursuing your dreams is the norm, where we leap confidently into our true purpose in spite of fear. Where we act as-if.

I love serving my customers by keeping it real and digging into what's authentic. Once we start working together, you may find me using a dozen exclamation points in our emails, letting a few curse words slip in our meetings, or sending you a meme or two that reminds me of you. I'm SO over boring corporate communication, because let's be honest... that's not where the magic happens #BeenThereDoneThat. 

The more comfortable we are around each other, the more we can dive deep into the process. When you reach out to me, you won't get a perfectly scripted "corporate" reply—you'll get the real me.

I believe that life is an adventure and that things should be done with heart, or not at all. 

I believe there is an endless supply of dreamers who are ready to become doers, that the only things standing in their way are the systems to get there and the confidence to try. That's where we come in.

from one dreamer to another, it's time to stop settling for a life that doesn't get your heart pumping.

a few of my faves

Dirt roads

I end most days driving as far outside the city as I can get (with my dog of course)!


From creating tattoo designs with Tiny Tat Co. to learning how to tattoo. Bring on the ink!


I recently spent 6 months traveling the United States and 2 months exploring Europe alone.


If you follow me on Insta, you know I never need an excuse to pop champagne.

Country music

Workout playlist? Country. Work playlist? Country.

Any & all food

Do I plan my trips around the food I can eat while I'm there? Yes.

Cloudy skies

Nothing makes me happier than a random Summer thunderstorm.

Dirt roads | skydiving | coffee shops | travel | champagne | rainy days | sugar free redbull | GRAPHIC TEES | almond milk lattes | pickup trucks | long hikes | sourdough bread | cowboy boots | RIVER DAYS 


I’ve always loved writing more than talking. Words spoken are powerful, but the written word is where legends are made. Words are more than just how we communicate. They’re the way we tell stories, the way we connect, the way we create worlds entirely our own. 

Words are the foundation. Each one is intentional, strategically placed to make the intangible, tangible. To transform the vision into the reality. 

As your copywriter, I’ll provide the words. You bring the vision. Together, we’ll make magic.

bringing your brand voice to life




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