Hey dreamer, fancy seeing you here.

I'm Kellie—the website and brand designer behind Kellie Lynn Media! I created this little corner of the internet with the idea that dreams are meant to be pursued collectively.


Let me be clear: designing is my jam, but it's just the beginning of what truly sets my soul on fire. Yes, you'll often find me face-in-laptop, sipping on almond milk lattes, and hustling away at coffee shops...but that's not all.

I thrive on adventure and constantly pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. In my life, exploring uncharted territories, jumping out of airplanes, designing tattoos, and discovering new trails are the things that make me feel truly alive.

Life is too short to hold back, so I'm all about seizing every moment and embracing the wild ride.

My mission has always been to amplify the voices of those who refuse to play small, so we can forge a new path where extraordinary becomes the new norm. 

Welcome to the side of the internet where standing strong in your own identity is celebrated— where taking chances and pursuing your dreams is the norm, where we leap confidently into our true purpose in spite of fear.

If you're anything like me, you're SO over boring corporate communication, following trends, and only posting "perfect" content. When you reach out to me, you won't get a perfectly scripted reply—you'll get the real me. If your idea of a thriving business is working with clients that feel like family and jumping on Zoom calls with band tees and no makeup, you'll fit right in here.

I believe that life is an adventure and that things should be done with heart, or not at all. 

I believe there is an endless supply of dreamers who are ready to become doers, that the only things standing in their way are the systems to get there and the confidence to try. That's where we come in.

From one dreamer to another, it's time to stop settling for a life that doesn't get your heart pumping.

We'll get along if you love...

Dirt roads | skydiving | coffee shops | travel | champagne | rainy days | sugar free redbull | GRAPHIC TEES | almond milk lattes | pickup trucks | long hikes | sourdough bread | cowboy boots | RIVER DAYS 







When she's not bringing our client's brand voices to life, you can find her exploring the streets of NYC, on a golf course, or writing poetry in a cozy coffee shop. She is the bustling city to our country roads, and the voice behind all of our projects.

She believes words are more than just how we communicate—they’re the way we tell stories, the way we connect, the way we create worlds entirely our own.  As your copywriter, she'll provide the words. You bring the vision. Together, we’ll make magic.



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