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Our approach to brand design is extremely intentional. Sure, a visually stunning brand is great, but a truly impactful brand goes beyond aesthetics. Our goal is to create a brand that is strategically aligned with your target market, giving you the confidence to step into your unique area of expertise and shine. The focus is not only to make your brand look good, but to make it effective, and to make you stand out.



step one: branding

step one:

step two:

step three:

+ BRANDING QUESTIONNAIRE to dig into the nitty gritty of your brand.

+ STRATEGY SESSION to begin developing the strategy of your new brand.

+ FOUNDATION DEVELOPMENT that include mission statement, values, moodboard, brand direction, and more.

+ VISUAL FOUNDATION including color palette and font selection.

+ LOGO DESIGN, including your primary, secondary, submark, and bonus brand marks.

+ PATTERN and / or TEXTURE development to help your brand shine through on a whole other level.

+ BRANDING COLLATERAL design from business cards, deck cards, packaging, and anything in between.

+ FILE HAND-OFF for logos, fonts, templates, patterns, etc.

+ BRAND GUIDE to help you implement your branding cohesively across your entire business.

So... what's typically included?

+ Client Questionnaire
+ Creative Direction & Moodboard
+ Primary Logo
+ Secondary Logo
+ Brand Mark(s)
+ Color Palette
+ Font Pairings
+ Social Media Templates
+ Instagram Bio Revamping
+ Launch Graphics

because every business is different, each package is carefully curated to meet the needs of our clients.
Average investment: $3500

A custom branding package is perfect for any business that is ready to level up. Instead of relying on DIY designs, it's time to invest in a professional foundation that will evolve with your business as it grows. It's time to say goodbye to the DIY logo you created on Canva and build something that truly represents you and your business.

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Authentic & Strategic Branding

timeline: 3-5 weeks

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