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from past clients

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The impact of good branding goes far behind how you, the client, perceives it. Your brand should extend into every aspect of your business; from operations, to customers, to community.

"Kellie was a dream to work with. She listened to everything I asked and went above and beyond.

She is extremely professional, reliable, and works fast. I am so beyond excited that I found Kellie that I have already referred her to someone else. Everyone that visits my website is so impressed. Thanks, Kellie!"

Mikella B.

"I was referred to Kellie and am so glad I found her! She took my vision and brought it to life, was patient, and worked with me until the end of the project. I love her style and how much time and effort she puts into working with her clients.

I would definitely tell you to hire Kellie for your project and will tell my fellow business ladies to contact her! Thank you Kellie you’re amazing!"

Katy S.

"I am IN LOVE with Kellie’s work. Not only did she go above and beyond with our website, but she have me 24/7 support, answered all of my millions of questions, and turned my website into everything my business needed! From products, services, policies, and more all at an INSANELY AMAZING price! Every business owner needs a Kellie in their life!"

Helena G

I can't thank you enough for taking my business to the next level. It really makes all the difference! I am completely booked for 2021, and already half way for 2022. I think adding in all the brand work really made all the difference for my company. 

Kelsey P.

"Kellie was AMAZING to work with. She went above and beyond her job duties to help problem solve issues I was having with my website. She strives to ensure her clients are happy and satisfied and has excellent communication skills. I would recommend her to anyone and plan on keeping her in my corner as a business partner for a very long time."

Jessa J.

"Kellie was an ABSOLUTE joy to work with! She is very thorough, knows her stuff and is very knowledgeable. Kellie is also very warm and personable and wonderful at answering questions and making things clear for those of us who aren’t tech savvy. I appreciate the way she was able to speak at my level and make things easy to understand for me. She is also very prompt at not only creating the site but also with answering questions.

What I like most about working with Kellie is she was able to very clearly capture my vision and direction I wanted to go and make my website not only a dream but a reality. Sometimes when you are working with someone who doesn’t know you well, it can be nerve-wracking to see what they will create for you! Kellie nailed it and made my website not only reflect me but also my business. She is great and I highly recommend her! Thank you, for all you did, Kellie!!!!"

Melissa R.

"Kellie is so delightful to work with. She is talented, definitely knows her stuff, and who I need in order to help my health coaching business get up and running. I am so thankful she is here! I was so tired of paying an enormous amount of money to web designers before who didn’t understand what I needed for my specific type of business.

Kellie understands my needs and provides an easy-to-understand platform for me that eliminates the frustration of having a website. I’m so thankful!"


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